Wisconsin Transition Planning Coalition

The Wisconsin Transition Planning Coalition finds ways for youth with disabilities to get better information about healthcare, education, and employment services. Having this information can make the transition to adulthood easier.

The Coalition meets online for 90 minutes every other month through August 2024. At these meetings, members share updates and ideas. They also plan and provide input on the Project’s transition improvement efforts.

The group is made up of:planning team icons - family, school & Job support staff, healthcare, service support

  • Youth and adults with ID/DD, family members, and self-advocacy organizations
  • State partners
  • Education, healthcare, & wellness organizations
  • Non-profit community-based service agencies
  • Employment resources, including local businesses

Upcoming Meetings

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2021 Meetings

2020 Meetings

  • October 2020 Coalition Meeting

    Principles of transition; Project overview; Family and youth perspectives  

  • November 2020 Coalition Meeting

    Employment & Transition Initiatives: Pathways to Independence/Medicaid Infrastructure Grant; Project Summer; Let’s Get to Work; Wisconsin Promise; Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities Employment Initiatives; Project Timeline; Asset Inventory; Power Mapping

  • December 2020 Coalition Meeting

    Youth Health Transition Initiative; Asset Inventory; Equity Action Lab; Identifying Potential Communities