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Integrated transition planning visual - healthcare, employment, education

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD) may need extra support or skill-building to live full, meaningful, and connected adult lives. This can make the transition to adulthood very complex for youth with ID/DD and their families.

The Wisconsin Integrated Transition Planning Project aims to improve transition planning for Wisconsin youth with ID/DD. It brings together self advocates, family members, and people who work in education, employment, and healthcare. They work together to improve and simplify the transition planning process by promoting integrated transition planning.

Integrated transition planning is when youth with ID/DD, their family members and service providers thoughtfully map out and prepare for the youth’s life as an adult.  It integrates planning for the youth’s education, work, and healthcare to achieve their goals as an adult. Ideally, this planning occurs throughout childhood with more focused planning as the child becomes a teen.

The Wisconsin Integrated Transition Planning Project focuses extra attention on helping families who face more barriers in accessing services. These barriers are often due to lack of money, health insurance, or nearby services and supports.